Giant Leaf tapestry fragment

Giant Leaf tapestry fragment



Circa 1550
Southern Netherlands

Provenance: The collection of Howard Hodgkin

A very similar complete tapestry, of comparable height and 310cm wide, is in the collection of the Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Paris (inv no. 38055).

Tapestries with large leaves were woven in many places in the Southern Netherlands and France; Oudenaarde, Enghien and Grammont, among others, produced tapestries of this true giant leaf type, in which little else besides subsidiary motifs of birds, animals and flowers were included in the design. This class has been previously termed 'feuilles d'aristoloche', or 'feuilles de choux'.



Height 333 cm / 131 14"
Width 148 cm / 58 12"